Old Wilmington By Candlelight

Our annual celebration is just around the corner . . .

Welcome to a timeless journey through the heart of Wilmington as we embark on a cherished tradition: “Old Wilmington by Candlelight.” We invite you to step back in time and experience the warmth, nostalgia, and enchantment of the holiday season as it graces some of our region’s most historic and beautifully adorned homes and places of worship.

In a festive tapestry of lights, decorations, and timeless charm, each site has its own unique tale to tell, from colonial elegance to antebellum grandeur and beyond. We invite you to not only admire the architectural splendors, but also to immerse yourself in the enchanting tales of those who once called these houses home.

From the twinkling ornaments on towering Christmas trees to the aroma of freshly baked treats, “Old Wilmington by Candlelight 2023” promises to awaken the magic of the season.

Tickets for the Old Wilmington Candlelight Tour 2023 (December 2nd – 3rd) can be purchased below.

$50 per ticket

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are listed for both dates, however, either ticket guarantees entry on both days. Ticket holders are encouraged to plan out routes to enjoy over both days.

(910) 762-0492

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