our wishing well

Wishing Well: 1. n. a well normally for obtaining water into which an individual drops a coin and makes a wish (European folklore). 2. v. to express hope for positive outcomes or future for an individual or group, as in “I wish you well.”

Non-profit organizations like ours have ongoing needs that our budget sometimes might not cover. If you happen to have these items around the house, pick them up at a yard sale, or even purchase them for us, our team would be grateful. Thanks for taking a look!

Latimer House Wishes

Office supplies (especially file folders, binder clips (all sizes), scissors (all sizes)

Printer paper (standard size copy paper)

Paper plates, napkins, and cups (any amount or size)

Paper towels

Towels, sheets, and cleaning rags

Cleaning wipes (any kind, for kitchen and bathroom use)

Dishwasher detergent (pods or liquid)

Trash bags (kitchen-size)

Aluminum foil (heavy duty, regular size)

Wishes from the Archive

Acid-free tissue paper

Archival Document Storage Boxes (any sizes)

Copy paper

Climate-Controlled Archival Cabinet